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Bestfriends Agency  is one of the world’s best SEO Company For SEO Services. We Manage your Website’s SEO and Provide You Organic Traffic From Google &  Rank Your Website on First Page of Google.

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We work alongside national and international firms.

We work with National(Domestic) and International(other countries).We have a clients all over world and we are still growing to be one of the biggest agency in world. We have a demand from all over world because of our pattern of work & results of present or past clients.We bring traffic on your website and increase your sales by providing your website on top of the google SERP. Just have a faith and get in touch with us for the best Search engine optimization Services for your website.

Seo services in delhi

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Link building

We provide quality backlinks to your website that have high domain authority and we build different types of link building like article submission,guest posting etc

Professional Team

We have professional team to make perfect strategy for your business to grow and rank your business in the given timeline.

Monthly Reports

We provide monthly/weekly reports on the basis of our work and results. we give full work as per the strategy and the execution report we provide.

Result Based

We provide results on the given timeline. We give you weekly or monthly reports to show our work and results.

What are you going to get In our Package?

Our SEO company and consultant based in Delhi provides valuable services in our SEO packages for website owners, which include: 

Website Design and Content Review 

.SEO technical advice on the creation of websites: hosting, error pages, redirecting, using CSS and JavaScript 

.Keyword Recherch

.The creation of web content 

.Controlling online business development campaigns 

.Experience in specific markets and geographies (if you need it) 

.SEO training (if you need it).


Increase Your Ranking On Google With The Experienced SEO Service Provider :

SEO has become a recent tool for advertising any business  online platform so that a company’s visibility on all popular search engines may be increased. Using the SEO method, it’s easy to ensure a website gets a top ranking on Google so that your business can get higher traffic.

We at Bestfriendsagency are also looking forward to providing our clients with the creation and delivery of SEO Services in a way that is special and profitable. We offer all digital marketing services including Website Design & Creation, eCommerce Solutions as per Google’s guidelines for SEO. We follow SEO Technical rules and believe that any Ecommerce SEO Company in India will follow to ensure that the best SEO services are accessible to all there clients.

Would you like to contact a top SEO services in Delhi , India to get the best, result-oriented SEO services in delhi? If so, then yes! You landed on right spot. We will place your website at first page in search engines for an accessible SEO plan. So, try us and you will see the best results.

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What we are having in our SEO Services

If you Want to make your product or service information more accessible and accessible to 80 per cent of the world ‘s Internet population? If yes, Bestfriendsagency is Delhi ‘s top SEO service, India will be able to shift your site to many countries. To help you reach your international ambitions, we deliver multilingual & international SEO services.

When you have an online shop, you need to know that getting people to your website is very critical. Our e-commerce services will enable you to get precisely focused traffic from Google to your site and identify the phrases or keywords online retailers use to find your e-store. Our ecommerce Involves “ thorough analysis of website errors, optimization of pages, professional and keyword study, the design of the website and values of the individual, speed optimization and link building.

Whether it’s a person or a company, online credibility is necessary for all the business because that plays an imperative role in an individual or organization ‘s development. Our online reputation management services can help you combat negative social media attacks, unfavorable forum posts, harmful customer reviews, blogs, and other harmful brand , product, and service search results.

The International SEO is a way to connect with global audiences, i.e. from multiple nations. To do this, if a client is using a directory or Sub Domain. We do everything that we can do to rank the website in different countries. This is on the basis of their digital services, currency, language and address. Connect with us for the best SEO services in the world.

Why is SEO Important?

Everyone will be surprised to learn that 67,000 searches are performed on Google every second. You must  understand that 93% of all information on the Internet starts from a search engine. You’ll be amazed to know that Google accounts for more than 79 percent of all global search traffic, followed by Bing at 7.27 percent, Baidu at 6.55 percent and Yahoo at 5.06 percent.

Thus, when Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) is the ultimate user search for services or products, there is only one thing that can rank your website on these Search Engines. SEO and SEO Agency’s efficiency and demand are very strong and thus many companies agree that improving their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority. However, if your website is not in top rankings, it will not be visible to your audience, which means you’re losing your competitors’ customers.

Millions of searches are obtainable on Google ‘s website every day. But the difficult task is to extract and convert right searches from the traffic. Those searches can be divided into 2 categories i.e. Searches Free & Paid. The company will be liable for sites that have paid visits per click.

Many aspects of SEO are present. First of all, we would like to tell you that there are more than 200 ranking factors. We are one of the best SEO services in delhi to take care of every small factor for ranking your website on google. 

Why does every business need SEO?

Every business today needs to invest in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) as this is the only way to optimize your websites to take advantage of organic traffic from search engines. Some of the leading search engines are Google, Bing, YouTube, Yahoo, and so on. Many businesses and brands know that SEO is significant for their digital presence, and the benefits they will gain from it are massive. Search Engine Optimization will undoubtedly boost the service visibility and searchability of the site, but it also offers some other true values, such as:

  1. Quality Traffic on Your Site
  2. Succeed More conversions
  3. Reduced costs per acquisition
  4. Get more clicks
  5. Post-Click Experience  
  6. Increase the Website References
  7. Offline Drive Sales
  8. Gain more share of the market
  9. Easily enter new markets
  10. Increase ROI overall


                                                                                                                             Types of seo 

Usually, people have heard about two types of SEO. SEO on page & SEO off page. But there is one important aspect that makes any site rank good. And that’s the structure of the website. This is why the Seo company should have an idea / knowledge. Ask the web developer to position it correctly. You can rank well in order to easily index your search engine & website.

We ensure that you get exciting results when it comes to SEO on-page. It’s a language that your search engine knows best. You need to set your SEO ef to show the exact results when the viewer / user submits his / her query.

You need to get your SEO efforts right. Using sophisticated software, search engines will determine which pages to display in their index. SEO’s have  two major components are On Page and Off Page SEO.

On page seo: 

It is a method to set the website near to the search results so that the optimization is extremely useful. This simply means that certain  settings can be applied to your website. It’s the most vital content. And the unique, creative content . We also provide on-page services that are very compulsory for any website to be ranked on the search engine. There are more of some 30 On-Page SEO aspects that should be optimized for a high Google ranking. Top 17 On-Page SEO Techniques to be used by every SEO company. And those are the most important ones to rank any website in the highest position. If you still don’t think your website is on Google’s search page. 

Off page seo:

It’s about getting back link from high domain authority websites,  As well as having maximum visibility on various social media platforms. For instance Facebook and Twitter and other websites. Link Building is coming as primary. Getting links from other websites is crucial. But try to get backlinks from recognized websites like .edu or Government  Website or even a specific category representing authorized websites in your niche. It’s going to make a massive difference compared to a website with less authority. To put it simply, it is better to have a few backlinks from high-level websites rather than a larger number of backlinks from low-level websites.

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